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"We Get Real"

"Nowhere To Go"

Noehere to Go Book

Autistic Children and Teens Mentally and Emotionally Withdrawing from the Subconscious Rejection of Both Their Parents

328 pages

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"Our Lives
Before Birth"

Our Lives Before Birth Book

The Psychological Sophistication of Our Unborn Babies. How Parents Impact on Their Babies in Mental and Emotional Ways

261 pages

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Shocking New Truths about the

Causes of Autism


The information on this Website is offered in the best interests of autistic children and their parents.  Autism is not caused by a defective gene, an imbalanced brain, an unknown virus, an environmental pollutant like mercury, a vaccination, or from watching too much TV.   The true cause of autism is being covered-up.


Essentially, autism is an extreme, selfish reaction.   As with every other mental illness or behavior disorder, the causes of autism are psychological, not biological.   Every autistic child is in an extreme state of selfish reaction.  Furthermore, the main objects of their reactions are their extremely selfish mothers and fathers who, since conception, have both been subconsciously rejecting their child.  In reality, the autistic child has no one to turn to and no where to go except inward.  Early signs of autism will continue and intensify as long as the parents of an autistic child hold firm to their subconscious negative positions in relation to their child.


Autism is an epidemic.  A staggering 1 in 150 children are now diagnosed with autism.  The personal, family, and social costs of autism are going sky high.  The parents of autistic children pay a huge mental, emotional, and financial price.  Their autistic children suffer psychologically to a great degree.  Autism affects us all.  It is important that we get to the truth about what is actually causing this growing, painful, expensive disorder. 


In spite of huge investments of public and private money in research, the incidences and medical costs keep climbing at alarming rates, and no autistic child ever heals from conventional treatments.  The main reason solutions elude us is that the medical assumptions about autism are false. 

Our Mission

To expose important information about subconscious factors negative affecting the well-being of autistic children and their parents. 


To offer groundbreaking information about psychological causes of autism and autistic behavior patterns.  To advance understanding and advocate for effective, positive therapies that will lead to healing.



The Key Message


 Autistic children are in extreme selfish reaction to “double-parent rejection.”  That is, from conception, these children have been in extreme selfish reaction to being subconsciously rejected by both their mothers and fathers.  Their experience is that they are not wanted.  Therefore, they reactively and angrily chose to flee inward.


The symptoms of autism are being subconsciously controlled by the child.   Those reactions relate to unloving, subconscious, parental negative attitudes.  Because the parental rejection is suppressed and almost entirely subconscious, the parents usually have little or no conscious clues as to how they are truly feeling about their autistic child. 


Typically, their parents display outward attitudes of “love," “concern,” and “caring.”  However, their autistic children are aware of, understand, and are strongly reacting to their parents' deeper, truer, negative subconscious thoughts, feelings, and rejection.  They dismiss the less sincere, conscious, and outwardly positive parental expressions, images, and actions. 


During the 1950s and well into the early 1970s, many medical professionals thought that “maternal neglect” was causing autistic children to withdraw psychologically into a world of their own.  The mothers of autistic children were called "Refrigerator Mothers."  Such views have since been censored and ridiculed by the current medical establishment and politically active and highly organized groups of parents of autistic children.  These parent-activist groups were joined by large pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and medical professionals.  They began pushing self-interested ideas and unfounded theories.  Today, most of the general public is convinced that the cause of autism is due to genetics or some other biological factor.  However, no biological theory of cause has ever been proven.



A Special Note

Autistic children are subconsciously triggering and enacting willful, defiant, destructive intentions and selfish reactions and behavior patterns.  To accurately understand the nature of autism, it is necessary to understand that, from inside the womb, unborn babies are psychologically sophisticated.  New research studies document that a six-month old fetus is as psychologically sophisticated as a one-year old infant.  For more information, visit our Website http://www.BabyParentExpose.com



What You Will Find on this Site

  • Reasonably priced books jam-packed with new information that enhances understanding about our humanity and disorders.  Visitors can peek inside the book to get a glimpse into its illuminating and thought-provoking content. 


  • A sampling of the case studies generated by Jean Mastellone a gifted clairvoyant.  Her observations reveal hidden subconscious parent-related psychological factors that negatively affect an autistic child's ongoing life experience.


  • Challenging and insightful articles on autism and autistic symptoms. 


       Where the Information Came From


The groundbreaking information emerged during a
30-year independent research project whose overall objective was to discover the true source of negative human behavior and negative experience. 


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Unborn babies are extremely perceptive and psychologically sophisticated. They understand and suffer greatly from their parent's subconscious negative psychological intentions, thoughts, and feelings.


Even abortions performed in a modern medical facility are not "safe."  Parents who abort a baby always suffer painful mental and emotional aftereffects. 



Incest is a deeply hidden reality affecting the majority of families.  Reaction to incest underlies every serious mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual disorder we have investigated.



All of the gays we interacted with admitted to having been sexually abused by both their parents during most of their growing up years.

Double-parent incest plays a hidden role and is the primary source of a homosexual person’s preference, reactions, and pain.



Cutting-edge information that challenges scientific-medical views that wrongly treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders as "biological diseases."


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